"Studying at ESC Rennes School of Business has been a great experience so far.

I was in contact with Campus France Mexico during the application process. After the written application and the interview, I received the message that I was accepted to study the MSc in International Finance. This program will definitely complement my current professional career and open new doors for entering into the financial sector.

Here in France, many students from all over the world contribute to the different classes sharing personal experiences, ways of living and working, etc. Of course there is some "cultural clash" in the process, with contrasts regarding punctuality, objectives and rules between different cultures, etc., but nothing that cannot be solved. Definitely, living abroad is a unique experience that helps us to mature in different ways.

Rennes is a university city with many things to do and places to visit after classes. I have enjoyed every moment and my high expectations have been entirely satisfied. This may be the best experience in my life."